ArtCycleTx Exchange 3, Sunday October 3* 10a-4p

Re-Think! Re-Purpose! Re-Design! Re-Cycle!  Another opportunity to join us for a day of eco-spirited recycling and, of course, creative company at my Found Objects Studio, 235 Murray Street, Dallas, Texas 75226. Clean-out, clean-up and bring unused (or gently used) art-related items to this community event. Be inspired by the possibilities… share ideas on what to make with …old books, found objects, containers, stickers, paper clips, folders, ink pads, copy paper, cardstock, cardboard, ribbon, staplers, brads, envelopes, hole punches, trays, styro-foam, water-based paint, specialty papers, pens, pencils, markers, pastels, buttons, snaps, beads, yarns, tile, wax, cups, clay, brushes, wire, widgets, gadgets, surplus, overruns, and more…lots of FREE stuff... Be prepared to Trade, Barter, Sell or Gift. You may also donate items for the Free bins (ask about free local pick-up). Limited vendor space available $15. Please Email: artcycletx@gmail.com or call 214-839-7689 to get more information. This event is free and open to the public.


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