BOOK BERM at Texas Discovery Gardens

The Book Berm is a collaborative installation, created by artists, VET and Sheila Cunningham,  that will open September 24, 2011 at the Texas Discovery Gardens, Fair Park, Dallas, TX. On display through October 31, 2011
Artists will create a berm of partially covered books, newspaper and computer devices to show our cultural transition from the written word to electronic media.

Installation begins Friday, September 9, 2011!

Things you can do to a book instead of throwing it away:

Read it, again * Keep it * Shred it * Gift it * Burn it * Trade it * Hide it * Sell it * Recycle it! Or…

Make ART!!! Alter IT!
paint it
stamp it
tear it
glue it
cut it
pulp it
ink it
draw it
sear it
sew it
stack it
emboss it
strip it
spray it
glitter it
dip it
float it
fold it
sprinkle it
clip it
print it
singe it
carve it
How do YOU recycle old discarded books?


Win Free Passes and Artist Pack

Enter on-line only.  Answer both questions:
How many total books in the berm? __
How many newspaper rolls in the berm? __
Post your best guess in comments or email:

Entry deadline October 23, 2011 (11:59p CST)
Winners posted November 1st! 

Fine print: No purchase necessary. If more than one person should guess the correct number, final top three (3) winners will be selected by a random drawing. Winners under 18 must be accompanied by an adult to claim award. One entry per person. Visit the BOOK BERM and enter now! 

* * *
post your photos on flicker:

Winner:  Stephanie Grandbury
estimated # 358 total

Actual Count
Newspaper rolls: 70
Books: 283
Total: 363 


1 comment:

  1. my best guess for the berm:

    350 books
    125 newspapers