ArtCycleTx Exchange



Live Exchange:
Sunday, March 14, 2010
Place: 235 Murray Street, Dallas TX 75226
Vendor space info: artcycletx@gmail.com
I have a passion for art, collecting and recycling. This can be a dangerous combination. The artist in me sees potential in every piece of detritus I encounter. The collector side of me sometimes takes over and I get consumed by my Empire. I have boxes, bags, shelves and storage space brimming over with "precious" found objects, paint, ink, fabric, beads, glues, wax, cardboard, markers, pens, pencils, chalk, plastic, paper, books, yarn, brochures, flyers, post cards, etc...well you get the idea. I have the best intentions of using every scrap to its fullest potential. Alas, I have yet to reach that goal. However, the recycler part of me allows me to attempt to minimize my carbon foot print. At least once or twice a year I take time to clean-up, clean-out and find a new home for all (or some) of your unused items.
ArtCycleTx was created for just that purpose. I have done this informally for several years and now I want to invite you to share in this recycling practice as a community. ArtCycleTx is a movement that encourages artists to re-purpose, re-design and re-distribute unused (or gently-used) art related resources and supplies. This can come in many forms...trade, barter, sell, or gifting...
Our first live exchange is Sunday, March 14, 2010, 10a-5p...at my Found Object Studio, 235 Murray Street, Dallas 75226...in Deep Ellum Artists District between Commerce and Canton..To reserve a place or get more information email: artcycletx@gmail.com

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